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Hello, and welcome to my practice! I am a licensed clinical social worker in northern Delaware, where my independent practice has been open since 2010. My treatment modalities include psychodynamic theory, cognitive-behavioral therapy, and the person-in-environment perspective that encompasses the field of clinical social work. I firmly believe that you are in charge of identifying your goals for therapy. Your sessions are your time to address whatever you would like to improve upon or see change in your life. I am your guide to help you create your treatment goals, as well as identify strategies to meet them. Sessions with me are typically discussion-centered, dynamic, and action oriented.


Mood disorders such as depression or bipolar disorder

Anxiety, obsessive-compulsive, and panic disorders

Adjustment disorders and relationships

Life transitions such as young adulthood, parenting, retirement, or caregiving

Grief and loss, including divorce, separation, death of a pet, and miscarriage

Perinatal and postpartum care

Recovery from addiction and codependency

Stress management and general well-being

 Please contact me at (302) 383-6826 for questions or to inquire about scheduling an appointment. Please note I am not always available to take new clients, but update my voicemail accordingly.

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