Clean Out

I recently uninstalled Facebook from my phone. As much as I value my connection to friends online, I realized I don’t want to be tied to it twenty-four hours a day. Checking it once or twice per day is sufficient for me to maintain my friendships and read news or articles of interest, and prohibits my attention being divided throughout my day.

It’s going along with some reorganizing and simplifying that I’m doing at the moment- physically and mentally. Some things are getting donated, given to friends, or sold. For me, this process is completely tied to how I feel emotionally. It gives me a clear mind to think, refocus, and reconnect with the people and things that are important to me and my well-being. It feels like a complete shift of perspective, which we all need at times to flourish.

What can you eliminate? It can be physical, emotional, or mental. Perhaps you realize you have some distorted thought patterns that are counterproductive to your recovery. Maybe a thought pattern or list of thoughts is making it difficult to process an event, situation, or relationship. Sometimes we get stuck in a rut without noticing, and it requires a conscious choice to let it go. Sometimes, we all need a Clean Out. Clean out space, clean up our thoughts, clean through our emotions. Stay current and try to let old things go. Check all your emotional baggage from the past. If you need it at a later time, you can easily recall it- but there’s no need to walk around with it every day. It’s the difference between a checked bag and a carry on; it all belongs to you, if you choose. Our brains can easily get cluttered just like our living spaces, and we need to take some time to clear them out.

Take notice of the way you talk to yourself. Pay attention to your thoughts. Are you being kind and forgiving, or harsh and critical? You have a choice, each and every day, to be your own caring and compassionate best friend and biggest ally. Be realistic in your expectations of yourself, and don’t expect something unrealistic from your personality or something outside your goals. Clear the clutter from your physical space as well as your mind. Know when you need to recuperate and be open minded about trying different strategies. Check all your past emotional baggage. Instead of remembering how someone hurt you, for example, do I what I call “bottom line” it. Bottom line it down to the big picture- “I can’t talk to this person about politics, but they’re a good friend otherwise and we have fun” and leave it at that. Clear the clutter, the extras, and the unhelpful.

Take notice of what may be superfluous or counterproductive within your mind and your physical space.  You risk nothing by trying, and the benefits are many- focus, clarity, and freedom.

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