I love reading Glennon Doyle Melton and her blog, Momastery. This quote of hers from a recent post inspired me, especially as we head into a new calendar year:

“People always ask: G, how do I find my purpose?

I look at them and ask: What breaks your heart? There you go. That’s your purpose.”

Glennon’s take is that life is beautiful and brutal all at once, which she terms, “Brutiful.” I absolutely connect to this description, as I’ve always felt that the most difficult things are the most worthwhile. The things that allow our soul to positively burst with joy also seem to be the hardest (raising children come to mind, anyone?) This quote also makes me think about how we come to who we are, which never seems to be a linear progression and is full of bumps, bruises, and obstacles. But if we can remain rooted in ourselves in spite of this messy, sometimes haphazard journey, our purpose comes to light for us.

Sometimes our purpose is presented to us, and at other times, we seek and even fight for it. Others may tell us we can’t achieve; if that’s the case, we can find meaning in the failures. Often, our purpose may seem like a default path that is only slightly better than others, but we can embrace it and create within it what we find beautiful and true. There are times that we feel no logical reason to believe in someone, following a calling, or trust a process, until it unfolds clumsily before our eyes. And at others, we must carve a new meaning for ourselves and for those around us, and ignore all the noise of doubt and nonsense. We must listen to the voice of who we are, whether it shouts or whispers, because it is always there. We get busy and it’s easy to ignore it. Our roles change in life and we forget to listen and reassess. Depression and anxiety create doubt, negative thinking, and worry. Despite all of this, we must listen to what we know to be true.

Perhaps you’re a person who doesn’t believe everyone has a purpose. I believe if you’re reading this, you do. I believe that if you are here, your purpose is, too. Of course, you are free to disagree, but then I challenge you to think about Glennon’s question. Further, I ask you think of not only what breaks your heart, but what heals you? What comes to your mind when you imagine healing your heart? What comes to your mind when you think of caring for yourself?

As we close another year and look to the renewal of another, what will you do in 2016? I urge you, if nothing else, to think about your truth. Refuse to be a bystander in your own life, and do not fall into thinking that all things simply happen to you. Make things happen. Think. Create. Love. Allow yourself to stretch to every corner and love who you see. You’re a living, breathing, beautiful mess of a person, and there is a place and purpose for you. For all of us.

Take on your mental health, and advocate for someone else. Have a very spirited 2016. 

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